​​​​​​​​​​​​ServiceNow platform enables you to discover best practices and tools to upgrade your solution to the most recent innovations of Service Now.

With ServiceNow upgrades come extensive planning, dedicated resources, and ongoing support. This is where finding the right partner can help tremendously. We at Pengrine offer expert guidance in every step for a faster and effective upgrade

There are two major ServiceNow releases each year. ServiceNow encourages customers not to fall more than one version behind. In order to keep your platform running efficiently and to take advantage of the newest ServiceNow offerings, you will need to prioritize an upgrade, at a minimum, once per year.

Pengrine's highly-refined upgrade process provides your team with more than just the newest version of ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Upgrade from Pengrine features 

  • Planning session/coordination of upgrade activities: A collaborative kick-off session and ongoing checkpoint calls to effectively manage scope, approach, roles and progress. 
  • Production to sub-production cloning: The activities needed to appropriately clone the environment down and prepare for the upgrade. 
  • Sub-production upgrade:  The activities needed to upgrade the sub-prod environment to supporting the testing needed.   
  • Testing and remediation: The functional testing and remediation of in-scope modules, while your team performs detailed testing of business functionality/user acceptance.
  • Production upgrade: The activities to migrate the upgrade into the production instance, while you coordinate your internal communications, as appropriate.

Pengrine’s Assistance with an Upgrade


Test Design and Approach vary from one project to another depending on product, client requirements, market perspectives, and capability of chosen vendor. Flexible and transparent test approach of Pengrine assures clients of low cost, proactive communication, and superior quality of testing services.

Pengrine Testing Experience on ServiceNow

  • Functional Test: Test different core modules like Incident / Change / Problem / Knowledge / Asset / Event managements, Email notification etc. with integration between their workflows based on different roles.
  • SLA Report / Performance Analytics: Involve in testing different dashboards/reports using indicators/breakdowns for checking data accuracy coming through different modules.
  • Interface Testing: Test different fields’ mapping for different Master Data & respective modules flowing from one interface (Owner) to other interface (Provider).
  • Service Portal: Test different configurations from backend flowing to portal for Front end user.
  • Upgrade Release: Create regression test scenarios based on release and client’s business requirements / features.
  • ATF (Automated Test Framework): Gives the tools to create and run automated tests on ServiceNow non-production instance.
  • Specific Tools: Use special tools to provide an automated solution to check all Controls to make sure different roles have their respective access throughout the system

Benefits with Pengrine in ServiceNow Testing

  • Increase team productivity by removing dependencies which will result in delivering more work with quality.
  • Reduce the manual efforts by introducing automation testing for different controls.
  • Release work will become easy for client in terms of receiving work on time and making different releases successfully.
  • We take hold on all the QA processes by bringing in more transparency and understanding between development and testing team.

​​Challenges in ServiceNow Testing

​​We shall help overcome these Challenges through ATF’s Parameterised Testing, Custom UI Test and Quick Start Tests and maximize ServiceNow value.

Why do automated testing?

  • Drive efficiency
    • Automate repetitive, time-consuming tests to free up your time to focus on other business-critical tasks
  • Increase consistency
    • Perform different types of testing efficiently and effectively to ensure consistent performance
  • Improve accuracy
    • Automated tests perform the same steps precisely every time to ensure reliable, accurate results
  • Lower costs
    • Reduce the time to run repetitive tests, saving your business time and money
  • Increase coverage
    • Automated testing can simulate tens, hundreds, or thousands of virtual users, which helps you plan for a variety of scenarios

Test early, test often, test continuously

This is the mantra for today’s rapidly delivered modern applications. Rapidly automate the functional testing of transactions that span multiple application layers in a solution that ties manual, automated, and framework-based testing together. Slash the cost and complexity of the testing process while driving in continuous application quality.

Test planning and support

Pengrine will take care of the entire Testing phase. This starts from initial planning through to script development and support once the automated testing has been implemented. We also provide training so you can have in-house expertise in running the automated test execution.

Upgrade Services

Do you struggle with testing       different  input values?

Do your developers waste time by duplicating a test to run different data values? 

Upgrading, implementing, and maintaining the ServiceNow platform requires constant planning; with a certified ServiceNow technology partner, your company will have assistance in creating a roadmap of services to find the best fit for you. Whether your company decides to implement a new feature or create a customization around existing features, Pengrine can help you.

We follow our best practices to ensure your ServiceNow upgrade transition goes smoothly. We will make sure you are well prepared for the upgrade, fully understand its changes, and are communicated with users. With Pengrine to support, your company can confidently upgrade its ServiceNow instance and continue optimizing performance, adopt better service management practices, and improve services.


Do you find testing your custom UIs challenging?

Do you face complexities in testing your custom UIs for navigability and functionality? 

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Do you struggle with testing different input values?

Do your developers waste time by duplicating a test to run different data values?



Is validation after a configuration change troublesome?

Do you face difficulties in validating your instance after a configuration change, or do not know where to start?


Testing Services