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ITSM is a delivery of service of IT through an appropriate mix of people, process and information technology. ServiceNow ITSM is the market leader in ITSM space for the last 6 years.

Benefits of ServiceNow ITSM

  • Improve Quality of IT Services
  • Better Service Experience
  • IT Productivity Improvement
  • Frictionless Mobile Experience
  • Reduction of Long-term IT Costs

Applications in ITSM

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change and Release Management
  • Request Management
  • Asset and Cost Management
  • Walk-Up Experience
  • Agent Workspace
  • Now Mobile
  • Mobile Agent
  • Knowledge Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Service Level Management
  • Benchmarks
  • Surveys and Assessments
  • Dynamic Translation

New Applications/Products in ITSM Pro

  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Virtual Agent 
  • Performance Analytics
  • Continual Improvement Management
  • Service Owner Workspace
  • Vendor Manager Workspace

Why ITSM Pro

Six new Applications of ITSM Pro helps in

  • Harnessing AI for Service Excellence
  • Empowering Business with Insights
  • Driving High Quality services through purpose-built workspaces

Predictive Intelligence

  • Predictive Intelligence uses advanced machine learning to categorize, route, prioritize, and assign issues with resolution recommendations based on patterns and context.
  • Predictive Intelligence can also group similar records into clusters to identify patters across multiple cases, surface critical incidents, automate certain resolutions, and also save time by addressing multiple tickets at once.
  • Easy for the user-Quick deployment: Anyone who can create a report in ServiceNow can easily create machine learning models, no data science knowledge required for this. The simple setup process allows user to start leveraging advanced machine learning capabilities within just a matter of days.
  • Predictive Intelligence classification framework enables you to use machine-learning algorithms to set field values during record creation, such as setting the incident category based on the short description.
    • Classification: Routes incidents to the right agent by auto populating them.
    • Similarity: Helps agents solve incidents faster by recommending articles or resolution notes.
    • Clustering: Provides structure around text fields like short description for deeper analysis.

 Virtual Agent

  •  This enterprise chatbot solution helps resolve common requests and issues immediately in a natural language experience without human agents and are available 24/7.
  • Users can request a transfer to a live agent at any time during a chatbot conversation.
  • Virtual Agent is integrated with the Live Agent module to ensure transfers happen seamlessly, and users can specify which agent chat queues to use and which chat interactions to transfer.
  • Easy for the user-Quick deployment: Launching a Virtual Agent is quick and easy, and doesn’t require programming knowledge. Out of the box, Virtual Agent gives users access to pre-defined conversation workflows for common requests.

Performance Analytics

  • Performance Analytics is embedded directly within the Now Platform that agents use everyday for always-on, real-time visibility and 360° insight into past, present, and future performance.
  • It helps to
    • Prioritise resources
    • Diagnose and eliminate inefficiencies
    • Identify and Fix emerging issues
    • React quickly to change and
    • Validate decisions
  • KPI Composer, which is a free add-on to Performance Analytics, visually maps organizational objectives and business outcomes to measurements. KPI Composer ensures that an organization’s performance management strategy aligns with business goals.

Continual Improvement Management

  •  Continual Improvement Management helps embed the concept of rolling improvements into everyday business activities through a structured framework that brings people, processes, and data together in one place.

  • Continual Improvement management helps in
    • Consistent delivery of exceptional services
    • Aligning with Business Goals
    • Enabling smart decision making

  • Initiatives are ranked based on ROI and effort, so budget and resource decisions can be validated. Users can track how initiatives deliver against expected business outcomes.

Service Owner Workspace and Vendor Manager Workspace

Why it is required?

  • Enterprises need an efficient and unified view of IT services to optimize and drive greater value to the business, regardless of who is providing the service.
  • ServiceNow purpose-built workspaces provide clear visibility into service portfolio performance as well as vendor services.

What they Offer?

  • Service Owner Workspace facilitates teams to report on the performance and value of services while monitoring SLAs, availability, and performance. It also helps to ensure services deliver the best experiences, all from the same workspace.
  • Vendor Manager Workspace enables teams to easily view and manage all vendor services from a single destination. It helps to gain consolidated insights into vendor performance and facilitate organizations to make better decisions.

Benefits of Service Owner Workspace and Vendor Manager Workspace

  • Analyze service performance metrics using a comprehensive layout of all information related to a service and its offering
  • Use aggregated data from multiple applications and measure service performance using qualitative and quantitative metrics
  • View all vendor profiles of the company in one unified location
  • Analyze historical vendor health using a comprehensive layout of all information related to a vendor and its services

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To learn more about all that Pengrine can do for you, please contact us at your convenience. A member of our team will discuss your needs, and then discuss in plain language exactly how Pengrine can make things happen for you

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