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Pengrine is a Cloud consultancy and implementation services company serving clients of ServiceNow across Businesses and Geographies. We have unparalleled expertise in providing cost effective and rapid implementation of cloud solutions to our clients. We partner with ServiceNow customers in their endeavour to utilise the amazing capabilities and enormous value ServiceNow brings it to them. ​​​​



At Pengrine, we believe confidence comes from knowing more about the team handling your Technology services 

Good Business acumen and technological expertise coupled with our 5 Phase Implementation make us one of the most sought-after partners.

PHASE 1 - Assessment
In this phase we work with you and your team in understanding the overall status, objectives and strategic vision in using the ServiceNow platform now and in the future.

PHASE 2 - Strategic Solution Design
We perform a thorough analysis of all the ITSM applications, modules, configurations, customizations, Integrations, Service portal & catalog items and prepare an overall upgrade strategy / solution design to align with ServiceNow platform (Orlando) features and functionalities.We will create a upgrade project plan and will work with your ServiceNow administrators, developers and stakeholders for later successful upgrade.

PHASE 3 - Perform Upgrade & Validate
In this phase we perform the cloning, upgrading, reviewing skipped files and making code changes to align with the upgrade strategy / solution design in phase-2.

PHASE 4 - Test & Go-Live
After the upgrade, we perform end-end testing of the platform, ITSM applications, modules, integrations Service portal & catalog items as per the test cases & scenarios. This phase also includes QA testing and other testing performed by the customer including UAT testing sessions. We will create Automated test scripts for testing core ITSM applications and Service catalog Items so that testing and upgrades are performed faster now and in the future.

PHASE 5 -Continual Service Governance Improvement
If there are any bugs/ issues with platform / features, we work with the customer and ServiceNow support and will resolve issues. We will also provide recommendations on making ongoing configurations / customizations in alignment with the ServiceNow platform, so that all future upgrades are performed with Speed and Success to provide excellent support services to IT and the business.

Our mission is to develop Open, Scalable and Cloud based solutions for our Clients and efficiently manage their IT Services to enable them focus on their core businesses to improve service quality and reduce cost.


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