Service Now has released for 4 Emergency Response Apps to help customers navigate COVID-19 Crisis. This has been made available for “Non-Customers” also without any cost.

Emergency Response Operations: Optimize staff and resources to support emergency response for public agencies and other organizations.
Emergency Self Report:Enable employees to report illnesses and readiness to return, and initiate workflows to help managers respond
Emergency Outreach:Distribute Information and confirm Employee safety and location through e-Mail or Mobile App.
Emergency Exposure Management:Identify and manage exposure risk when an employee is diagnosed with an illness

What ever be your Area of focus, Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery, Crisis Management or Emergency Response, these Apps will help you to Respond, Manage and Track your requirements.


  • Identify social needs and respond to incidents quickly.
  • Potentially prevent the spread of major health events by improving respond and containment times.
  • End to end digitalization of a paper process to make resources more effective. 


  • Manage your resources(people/assets/time) in a time of crisis.
  • Identify key locations needed to address crisis.
  • Identify key personnel roles need to address crisis.
  • Set up solid foundations for phase II resourcing. Supplies and services.


  • Event response status.
  • Document management and tracking form minute 1.

Emergency Response Challenges and Solutions through Emergency Response Apps





​​Extension/Integration Opportunities

  • Between emergency response apps
    • Emergency Outreach and Emergency Self-report
  • Between emergency apps and core workflows
    • ITSM, HR, CSM
  • Between apps and third-party services
    • Google Maps

Pengrine’s Free of Cost Implementation of Emergency Apps.

  • We are extending free of cost implementation of four Emergency Response Apps release by ServiceNow in order to help organizations navigate the COVID-19 Crisis Management.
  • We at Pengrine will train and familiarise your organisation for effective usage of these Apps. 
  • Pengrine will help you to quickly implement the usage of these Applications across your organisation for the benefit of Employer, Employees, , Business Associates and Customers without any charges for a limited period of time.

To learn more about all that Pengrine can do for you, please contact us at your convenience. A member of our team will discuss your needs, and then discuss in plain language exactly how Pengrine can make things happen for you



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