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At Pengrine strongly believe in our core values of Dedication-Collaboration-Implementation.

Pengrine is a Cloud consultancy and implementation services company serving clients of ServiceNow across Businesses and Geographies. We have unparalleled expertise in providing cost effective and rapid implementation of cloud solutions to our clients. We partner with ServiceNow customers in their endeavour to utilise the amazing capabilities and enormous value ServiceNow brings it to them. ​​​​

  • ServiceNow Upgrade Services 
  • Testing as a Service
  • ServiceNow Customer Service Management
  • Emergency Response Services for COVID-19

ServiceNow Upgrade Services ​​

  • Service Now platform enables you to discover best practices and tools to upgrade your solution to the most recent innovations of Service Now.
  • We at Pengrine offer expert guidance in every step for a faster and effective upgrade.
  • We assess your solution’s readiness for upgrade, support you to plan and govern your upgrade with advice of experts.
  • Our expertise with proven results will help you avoid common missteps for a cost-efficient upgrade.

Testing as a Service

  • Businesses accelerate their digital transformation and get the most value from Service Now. But for this digital transformation and error free upgrade, effective Testing is pre-requisite.
  • We play the role of facilitator of this by customising templates and creating tests for all Service Now Products.
  • Pengrine helps you to reduce upgrade time by safely employing all existing tests and incorporating multiple data values in a single test.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

  • Customer Service Management from ServiceNow helps you in elevating your customer service from Request to Resolution. We at pengrine help you implement Customer Service Management and get the best at every stage.
  • ServiceNow Customer Service Management helps increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs by connecting customer service with other departments to resolve complex issues end-to-end.

Emergency Response Services for COVID-19

  • Service Now has released for 4 Emergency Response Apps to help customers navigate COVID-19 Crisis. This has been made available for “Non-Customers” also without any cost.
  • Now, the need of the hour is train and familiarise all users, both Government and Enterprise for effective usage of these Apps. 
  • We at Pengrine are in the forefront to help you to quickly implement the usage of these Applications across your organisation for the benefit of Employer, Employees, Business Associates and Customers.

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